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As strange as it may seem, the counting of your pregnancy starts before your baby is even conceived. When a woman gets pregnant, the practitioner counts the first week of pregnancy starting from the first day of your last menstrual period, although in patients that have regular periods conception will occur two weeks after their period has started. The reason is because it results very is complicated to determine exactly when the egg has been fertilized; on the other hand, it is easier to determine dates from the last menstrual period and to start counting from then. Your practitioner will calculate the estimated due date counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period.

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Why is it important to consume calcium during the breastfeeding period?

A good calcium intake during pregnancy and lactation is the result of many nutritional benefits for both the baby and the mother. During these early stages in our life as mothers, our nutritional requirements increase. view


The Importance of Skin Contact

The skin contact is a method that involves placing your baby on your chest or your belly uncovered, thus promoting direct contact between mother and child. race. view


Your baby is rejecting your chest?

The simple fact that your baby rejects the feed of your chest, often worrisome to any parent who cares for the welfare of your child. Besides being distressing and frustrating for not supplying baby food,view


Simple tips to take body temperature to your baby

Many diseases that can get our baby relate to increases in body temperature and fever. Namely take the temperature of your baby is very important when you want to know their health status or discard any discomfort related to some symptoms. view